First appointment

The consultation is the first step to getting well and where we will work together and begin to unearth the root causes of your condition. Read more to learn what you can expect from your first appointment.

Second appointment

A follow up appointment is usually arranged between 2-4 weeks after an initial appointment, or when the herbal treatment is about to run out.

Read more to learn what you can expect from your second appointment.

Lyme disease

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread to humans by infected ticks.

Herbal medicine has been helpful for some in reliving longer term symptoms with patients that have been suffering for years. A holistic health care system looks at the the inter connection and workings of the whole body.


Combing herbal consultation with a massage is a perfect way to end a treatment, enhancing the healing process and bringing awareness away from the mind to the body.

Massage is restorative inside and out, adds to mental and physical wellbeing, reduces pain, nourishes mind body and spirit and releases stuck emotions. Whilst being cathartic it can be also an emotionally moving, hands on experience with a personal touch, accelerating healing.

Well Woman

By providing a safe and nurturing space, we will identify and explore herbal options and preventative strategies that will enable you to make choices appropriate to your health situation and promote natural ways of being well.

A deeper understanding of our cycles enables us to be in touch with ourselves and reminds us how our emotional landscape and energy levels are affected by physical changes.

Well Man

Statistically, men are less likely to seek health and wellness. Concerns are often neglected, causing stress to the body. Yet from head to toe medicinal plants have been used to support men’s health throughout time.

Common herbs like ginseng, saw palmetto and gingko have often been used.  Today, evidence-based scientific research and clinical trials back the traditional use of medicinal plants, which have been shown to lead to improvements in a wide variety of conditions, including low energy, stress, depression, low libido, erectile dysfunction, baldness and enlarged prostate.

Well Children

Herbal medicine is a gentle yet effective way to meet each baby or child’s specific needs. Children are often exposed to a wide range of infections and childhood illnesses.

A detailed case history is taken with parent and child, including emotional, lifestyle and diet factors, looking at any other underlying causes, rather than just focusing on the symptoms of the disease. Julia uses puppets and stories, and even involves the children in the preparation of their own medicine in her dispensary, enabling them to take their health into their own hands.

COVID-19 Guidelines

As you will be aware all public places have created new rules for visitors to follow for their safety and the safety of others. Please read through before attending the clinic. If you have any further questions, please let me know.

Due to the restrictions Covid has brought, I have joined a few other clinics to improve access and availability for my clients and guidelines may vary from clinic. The addresses of these can be found on the contacts page.

Blood Tests

Get the tests you need. You do not need to seek your GPs approval.

We offer blood testing and draws that can be arranged at the clinic with an independent phlebotomist. I have a good working relationship with the labs and will get test kits sent directly to you or have them at the clinic for you to use. The test are sent to Germany were you will get the results back within 5-10 days. The labs I use also offer a patient service to explain the results with you, if you choose to use them.

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