Here are some testimonials from my previous clients

Lyme Disease
"I have had regular herbal and massage consultation with Julia for the last two year. These herbal consultations have helped me with my Lyme disease I am much better now then I was two years ago in fact I am so much better that I have stopped consultations. I do miss the monthly massage which I recommend to any anyone having with the discomfort that comes with Lyme disease. I have no hesitation recommending her."
Women's Health, Stress, Thyroid Issues
"My first encounter with Herbal Medicine was in 2010 when living in Brighton. Having reached my 50's, I had gone through several health issues resulting in a hysterectomy and medication for an under active thyroid. I was feeling low, stressed and tired and found getting our of the car a real effort. Time to take control of life I thought so I sort help, natural medicine was a route I felt I wanted to take. I met Julia and was able to take some control over my own health at last. I learnt about my body, how being out of balance was having an impacted on my physical wellbeing and my mood. Through a series of herbal tinctures and teas I started to feel better, my joy had returned and I never looked back. I attended many of Julia's workshops and began my own journey into natural health and wanting to learn more. I moved to Devon in 2017 and with my new partner we bought some land and now grow herbs, both culinary and medicinal and prepare and sell herbal teas at Herb Heaven Devon"
"A fantastic weekend packed full of practical knowledge about herbs, plants and food. Every detail was thought though and we felt held, inspired and nourished. The retreat supposed my expectations and the calibre of the host and contributors was out standing. A mind expanding weekend it felt a very generous space, to be in and part of."
Unravelling Complexity
"Julia develops holistic protocols that address the many layers of a condition. Her knowledge of herbs is excellent and she’s passionate about helping people to get better.”
"feel so fortunate to have had you guide me through early menopause and treasure learning so much about herbs... you made the transition such a pleasure.”
Life Coaching
"Just wanted to say a massive thank you. I know I only saw you once at the start of my treatment but your herbs have helped me beyond belief to get to the stage that I am at at the moment.
Without this different angle to treatment and thinking outside of the box , I don't know where I would be now. I have currently finished my last herb that I have had from yourself and I have decided not to order more.
I think I might be at the point where I won't need to take anything (but we will see, I might be ordering again in a couple of weeks but hopefully not ).
Thanks again and keep yourself well."
High Blood Pressure, Low Libido
"I first saw Julia in 2014, and have been a regular client ever since that time. Being averse to any and all types of G.P.-issued prescription drugs, I had previously tried most other remedies to cure my persistently very high blood pressure, all to no avail. The herbal mixture that Julia supplied reduced my blood pressure from around 190/110 to around 145/85, where it stays to this day. The constituent herbs have been adjusted from time to time to take account of changes in my symptoms, but I am pleased to say that my pressure remains low and I am now, at 74, in the rudest of health. Many thanks Julia."
Lyme Disease Retreats
"Opened a hole world of healing information and inspired me to make a major change and take charge of my condition as opposed to denying it. Information was shared in a lively and highly informed way by very skilled facilitators. Lovely relaxed warm environment. Inspired diverse and mixture of herbal /cooking and Nutrion. I gained better understanding of benefits and what we eat, inspired to try new recipes meeting others with Lyme, I also found it interesting hearing about co -infections and their particular effect. Fabulous snacks , food, & location."
"Julia Behrens quite simply is a miracle worker. I have been going to Julia for a number of years and each time I have just felt so much better in myself. Recently following an awful reaction to HRT I went as a last resort to Julia in the hope that she may make a small difference to my erratic moods brought about by being perimenopausal. Within just a few weeks I felt as if I was back to me and no longer at the mercy of rampaging hormones. Julia listens empathetically, and with a warmth that in itself is a tonic. As a therapist I regularly recommend Julia – she is a true gem of a woman."
"I first went to see Julia, as I was going through the peri menopause and was unable to take HRT. I was suffering from extreme fatigue, night sweats, heart arrhythmia's and poor concentration. Her initial consultation was very thorough, which was reassuring. I was given herbal medication to take 3 times a day. Within less than a week my night medication to take 3 times a day. Within less than a week my night sweats had stopped, within a month or so, my other symptoms had either stopped or were improving considerably. I have now been taking my herbal medication for 1 year. I have lost a 1.5 stone, I go running and cycling, my mood is great and I am thoroughly enjoying life. Thanks Julia."
"I came to see Julia at a point when I was experiencing really disruptive menopausal symptoms hot flushes, anxiety, restlessness and being bothered by fibroids. In a remarkable short time my flushes have calmed my fibroids symptoms have gone and I feel I understand my body and menopause symptoms so much better. Hot flushes barley breaking the surface of consciousness."
"I came to see Julia at a time when I felt I'd tried every avenue to address my early menopause symptoms and was exhausted, weepy and ungrounded. I have now been seeing her regularly for about 3 years. Over this time I've felt incredibly lucky to have met her, not only for her wealth of medicinal herbal knowledge, but also her hugely positive and 'big picture' outlook. I've found her insight into the plant world an invaluable ally and have noticed my health and well being steadily improve over this time. I always look forward to seeing her and trust her knowledge implicitly. Combining herbal tinctures alongside massage has been a fantastic and nourishing way to get to the bottom of what I (my body and being) really needed. Julia develops holistic protocols that address the many layers of a condition. Her knowledge of herbs is excellent and she’s passionate about helping people to get better. I was only with great reluctance and a certain amount of cynisism that I made an appointment with Julia."
"At the age of 58 I suddenly developed debilitating migraines which, at their worst, could last for 3 days and I was lucky to get 2 weeks without one. Apart from the terrible physical pain and nausea there was also a psychological effect - any outings, holidays, appointments or social events were marred by the thought "Am I going to be o.k?" My GP could only offer me medication once the migraine had started and had no suggestions as to why they were occurring. I spent a year having accupuncture, another year having homeopathy and 4 months on chinese herbs all of which had some effect but nothing like a cure. I made an appointment with a medical herbalist as a last resort because I had tried everything else and, because of my history, with very low expectations. Straight away, for the first time in 4 years, I went 3 months without a migraine. Nine months on I have only had two very mild headaches. I had started to think that I would have to live with migraines forever - now I don't."
Lyme Disease
“Treatments tend to be for longer periods and need to be adapted as the condition changes. This is not just a battle against pathogens but an enhancement of your own vitality to begin to reestablish internal harmony and resilience. You can definitely obtain better health outcomes with vast improvements n symptoms but there are many factors influencing the eventual outcome.…… I have had regular consultations with Julia for the past two years until recently. These consultations and herbal remedies and regimes have helped greatly with my Lymes disease and I am in much better condition now than I was two years ago. In fact I am so much better I have stopped having consultations for the time being. I do miss the monthly massage which I recommend to anyone with the discomfort that comes with Lymes. I have no hesitation in recommending Julia, she’s great!"
“I feel much more able to been the world, much less anxious about being part of the world and being able to do things.”
Lyme Disease
"I feel 70% back to my old self. Thanks for all your help."
"I heard about you through an old patient of yours I met. They told me that you cured them of hypothyroidism- twice!!"
Lyme Disease
"I have been seeing you as a herbal medicine client for over three months now, for Lyme Disease. I wanted to feed back to you on my treatment with the herbs and some of the changes I have noticed in recent times. The first improvement, after 3-4 weeks, was the reduction in fever/chills and fatigue. This meant that I was able to 'get off the sofa' and start to resume normal life again, albeit with small steps forward. In the last month, my bladder function has improved hugely. I was needing to use the toilet to pass urine between 9-12 times a day, which made me feel so depleted and also de-hydrated, as the lyme bacteria had evidently gathered in the bladder. The herbs and the herbal tea (especially nettle/horsetail) have provided relief from this; which has also helped me to sleep through the night as well. I still have insomnia at times, but my sleep patterns are much improved. I was also overcome with anxiety, palpitations and fear from the first few months after being diagnosed with Lyme. It was a scary journey and the antibiotics seemed to excacerbate these feelings. Talking things through with you, about the many symptoms of this complex illness; and working with myself to be patient and mindful on my journey to healing and recovery, has slowed me down and enabled me to feel less fearful and to overcome my anxiety about whether I will ever feel better. Some days are better than others, as the headaches, neuro symptoms and tiredness still get on top of me at times. But I am starting to feel less 'brain foggy' and more energised, as a result of taking your herbs, and this has taken the edge off of my fears and helped me to stay positive and believe in my recovery. The de-toxing methods which you have recommended have been key, as the liver and gall bladder have a lot to cope with when the lyme starts to leave the body. Thank you for your on going support"…….
"I first heard the name Julia Behrens a few years ago while waiting for an appointment and got talking to the lady that was sitting next to me. We started talking about 'womans problems ' and particularly about the dreaded hot flushes when going through the menopause. She mentioned that she was taking some herbal medicine that had changed all this and at the time I had tried everything you could think of without any major improvements. She said she was seeing Julia at the Albion Street clinic so I wrote this down and looked up the phone number soon as I got home. Well, I haven't looked back since that day and I want to say how happy I am with the wonderful medicine I now take . Before this , I was suffering the most awful hot flushes, waking me up at night and generally making life very uncomfortable. Since taking this fantastic mixture, life is very different and although I get the occasional hot flush , it's nowhere near as bad as the ones I used to have. Would highly recommend this to any other ladies in a similar situation! Huge 'thank you' to Julia Behrens !! "
“I first consulted with Julia Behrens over 2 years ago; since then, working with her has been a genuinely transformative experience on many different levels. Initially, I was looking (more or less impatiently) for a ‘quick fix’ for a range of menopausal symptoms: mood swings, stress, hot flushes etc. As a herbalist and dietician, Julia has helped me either to eliminate or to manage those specific symptoms. She has also managed to bring under control the symptoms of interstitial cystitis (a diagnosis at which conventional medicine usually throws up its hands). But her holistic, intuitive and deeply creative approach has achieved much more than that. Not only do I now approach the menopause as a significant, and interesting, change in my life; that change has brought into focus the importance of ‘listening’ to my body and giving it time to relax and ground itself. My lifestyle is demanding, often stressful, and not likely to change. What Julia continues to enable is the balance between the demands and pleasures of that lifestyle and the need to care for the body and self on the long way. My deepest thanks to her.”
"I have been a client of Julia Behrens for approximately two years. 
I first consulted her when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had been prescribed strong medication by the rheumatologist to which I reacted badly. After several failed attempts to find something suitable, my daughter (also a client) suggested that I consult Julia. Within weeks of seeing her and taking the tincture which she prescribed for me, I began to feel better-less pain and more mobility. A subsequent blood test showed a marked decrease in inflammation. This impressed my rheumatologist, so much so, that she supported me in following the herbal protocol advised by Julia and agreed to not to prescribe conventional medications but to monitor my progress. 
I have not looked back since. Only once have I had to resort to conventional medication when I had a really bad flare-up and that was just for a period of 3 weeks.
 I have subsequently been diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome and Julia is also treating me for this. She is especially helpful with the symptoms of fatigue, which can be overwhelming.
 She is a great support and comfort to me and is always prepared to listen. Each time I meet with her, she engages very closely with my current progress and adjusts my herbal tincture to deal with any new problems that I may be experiencing. I feel that meeting her has enabled me to live a reasonably normal life and for this I am very grateful."
Just want to say.. 7 days and not a single symptom, 100% more energy and haven't felt like this for 11 yrs... I am more relaxed, happy and smiling.... its a wonderful feeling. I really cannot believe it ... its a miracle And that can only be down to the remedies you supplied me... So thank you so much.


... you are a medical miracle worker... you have done things that professors, consultants and doctors have failed to do for 11 years.


"Julia’s knowledge of herbs and their use in lyme is second to none. She has great clinical experience as well as a wealth of knowledge on all the latest evidence on how best to approach treating patients with Lyme’s"
Dr Carolyn Rubens BA (Hons) MBBS MRCGP DipMedAcu

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