Herbal Medicine


Phytotherapy is the study of medicinal plants.
Recent research has led to new understanding of the importance of herbal medicine.

Phytotherapist (from the Greek Phyto, meaning “plant”) is the name given to those who have university training in medicinal plants and use them therapeutically.

Julia has a degree in Phytotherapy (Herbal medicine), the highest professional qualification in the field, and applies scientific research to the practice of herbal medicine.

Herb Maps

These comprehensive’ mind maps’ provide a compass to navigate your healing journey using plants.

Workshops & Courses

An array of well women workshops and courses, walks and talks and demonstrations.

Workshops and course can be bespoke and are tailor made for each client. Whether it’s a corporate bespoke and client led workshop or a holistic course on food and wellbeing – these courses offer a chance to take look deeper into a sustainable health practise.

Herb Garden Design & Walks

Julia Behrens Medical Herbalist has designed and grown a number of public and private herb gardens, green roofs and playgrounds. Designed and inspired by nature.


Learning though doing, making learning enjoyable and fun.

Julia has been involved in a number of educational projects with the group Spectral Arts.

Spectral Arts was formed in 1998 with a vision to bring arts to as many people as possible. Believing that participation in the arts at any level is an empowering, inspirational and transformative experience led to a  collective of professional artists, performers and technicians collaborating on art-based projects.

Grow Your Own Health

Julia was recently involved in the ‘Grow Your Own Health’ project, sponsored by East Sussex County Council and Futurehealth Brighton.

The project involved handing out a ‘welcome’ packet of seeds to people as an invitation to grow something new this Spring. The aim was to encourage people to make a connection between their own individual wellbeing and nurture, and environmental health, and nature.

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