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  • Sustainable integrated health care.

  • Finding your path.

  • A functional medicine approach.


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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a sustainable health care system. It is the natural origin of medicine; utilising the active ingredients from medicinal plant parts, such as leaves, roots or flowers.


The consultation is the first step to getting well and where we will work together and begin to unearth the root causes of your condition.

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A range of wild crafted, sustainably traced botanicals for my clients. Book a consultation if you would like to obtain these herbs.

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Lost in Lyme

The therapeutic use of medicinal plants in supporting people with Lyme disease

By Julia Behrens and Daphne Lambert

This much awaited book has arrived!

Get your copy today!

A tool kit to support both practitioners and the lay person in reducing Lyme symptoms and improving well-being by using medicinal plants.

Check out my latest book, which I helped Co-Author

Neal’s Yard Remedies Healing Herbs: Treat Yourself Naturally with Homemade Herbal Remedies

Really excited to be published and contributing author to “Neal’s Yard Remedies Healing Herbs “. We offers expert advice you can trust; this detailed guide, features great charts, recipes with an illustrated directory of 100 key herbs.

Grow Your Own Health

Julia was recently involved in the ‘Grow Your Own Health’ project, sponsored by East Sussex County Council and Futurehealth Brighton.

The project involved handing out a ‘welcome’ packet of seeds to people as an invitation to grow something new this Spring. The aim was to encourage people to make a connection between their own individual wellbeing and nurture, and environmental health, and nature.

Herbal Harvests with a Future

Read my article about creating sustainable sources for medicinal plants.

” Conservation-minded herbalists are caught in the seemingly contradictory position of promoting the use of wild plants and advocating their simultaneous protection.”

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  • Sustainable
  • Wild crafted
  • Whole plant ingredients
  • Plant powered
  • Naturally keeping your family healthy

“Let food be thy medicine.”

About Julia

Julia is the mother of two home-birthed children. As a child, Julia spent her summers at her Grandmother’s house in Germany, in the town where the Grimm Brothers wrote.
This inspired Julia’s love of people and their stories and the healing journeys they find themselves on. Helping to make herbal teas and herbal medicine, Julia found that plants were a part of the tradition of healing and would help her grandmother make traditional potions for the family and animals.
Whilst traveling the world as a young women Julia came across various shamans and healers and saw people using plants successfully. Her lifelong love and passion towards women’s health and her whole family’s well-being has led Julia to use plants to nourish people of all ages.
“People come and go in life, but plants are always there and if you are connected to plants you are never alone”
Julia Behrens

What my clients say

How herbal medicine has changed lives? Hear from some recent clients.

"I feel so fortunate to have had you guide me through early menopause and treasure learning so much about herbs... you made the transition such a pleasure.”
"These herbal consultations have helped me with my Lyme disease I am much better now then I was two years ago in fact I am so much better that I have stopped consultations."
"Through a series of herbal tinctures and teas I started to feel better, my joy had returned and I never looked back."


Here I share my knowledge of medicinal plants whilst walking in woodland and parks, encouraging you to harvest what you need!

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Herbs for Health
Autumn Herbs for Wellbeing
Summer Herbs for Wellbeing
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Medicinal Trees
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I specialize in...

  • Guiding men, women and children a person centred approach to their health
  • Providing holistic ways to manage natural events or symptoms that bring discomfort
  • Giving herbal and nutrition advice, improving energy and vitality
  • Supporting alternative therapy that can compliment conventional medicine
  • Assisting people with conditions that need help such as Lyme disease by encouraging  the body to defend and repair itself

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