Well Women

A woman’s passage through life has many stages, and her journey through time is one of constant change. From puberty, on through the fertile years and menopause, each stage can be seen as an opportunity for personal growth.  To enhance this journey through life and enable the experiences to be positive, a herbal toolkit can be very beneficial.

A deeper understanding of our cycles enables us to be in touch with ourselves, and reminds us how our emotional landscape and energy levels are affected by physical changes.

By providing a safe and nurturing space, we will identify and explore herbal options and strategies that will enable you to make choices appropriate to your health situation, and promote natural ways of being well.

The years during puberty can be the most informative, the most life changing steps for a woman. Health issues related to food, skin and cycle changes often start here, and are either met with conventional or natural medicine, or a combination of both. It is important that the treatment is safe and free from side effects in the long term, and that any underlying causes of discomfort are explored.

Fertility years
Herbs have traditionally been used during the birthing process, from fertility to the baby being born, breast feeding, and throughout an infant’s life. This natural start has been tried and tested throughout history. Julia, having two children both naturally born at home, has had much experience in understanding and supporting women during this time.

As a general practitioner, Julia helps many women who experience difficulty with symptoms related to the menopause, using herbs to improve physical, mental and emotional well being. Around 80% of women experience some symptoms, which typically continue for around four years after the last period. These symptoms range from hot flushes and vaginal dryness to long-term conditions including osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

Julia supports clients with decision making during this transition, looking at balancing hormones and adjusting one’s diet, including the use of herbs and a few supplements.  She shows how this in turn can have a huge impact upon one’s ability to deal with daily life, relationships and finding joy in their work.